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About Gifts to Missionaries - Greg Law

I come to the Baja Mission from Wichita, KS. While visiting the Mission with my church on six weekly visits, I fell in love with its purpose of caring for the least of His. I spent the month of November 2018 at the Mission – not knowing that by the end of February, God would lead me to serving full-time.

God works on the hearts of His people through events. Over the time I visited the mission, I was divorced, both parents passed, my two sons are well on their way to their own lives and I lost a career job. God was clearing my plate for service to Him. Through prayer, discernment, talking with other Christians and a warm reception from the Baja staff it became increasingly clear where He intended me to be.

First and foremost, I plan to work where needed. Serving in the guest relations area, assisting visiting groups with their job assignments and needs while there is likely. Helping in the carpentry shop is also an option.

In preparation for an anticipated start date in June, I have these prayer requests:
• Continued growth in my relationship with Jesus.
• God’s protection for physical, emotional, spiritual and relational needs both personally and my family.
• Smooth transition from Wichita to the Mission including selling my house and travel.

I appreciate you coming along side me as a partner in prayer and financial needs. I ask that you consider supporting me financially. God works through His people to accomplish his purposes whether through generous giving, prayer or service. Prayerfully consider using the link to the right to provide monthly financial support.